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Prajna Advisors Asia Group has been outstanding in the level of service provided for their clients. As a long standing client since 2003, I have found the company possess the most important 3 “E”s in their personal client charter; namely, “ethical, efficient and excellence”.
These personal attributes are imbued into the Corporate ethos of Prajna Advisors and ensures that they are ready and willing to go the extra mile for their client. This in my view is what separates magnificence from mediocrity!
Dr. Christopher K.L. Shun, CFP, RFP
Risk Management Advisor to Putrajaya

This is to inform you that I am happy with the services provided by Prajna Advisors office in handling our Company, my personal and family account.
It is all about personal touch, the ability to connect, going the extra mile providing quality & equal attention no matter how big or small the business! Be it personal or commercial advisories.
My Company, Family and I really appreciate this and feel comforted that nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. I am made to feel that I am NOT just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day.
Good Job! Hope your company continue to set the standards for others to follow.
S. Indran
Director, Client Services.
Words are insufficient in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Prajna Advisors (Asia) Sdn Bhd, for their most excellent of services rendered to our company, over our years of business dealings together. Our company has had the priviledge of being in partnership with Prajna Advisors, and in obtaining a “true friend in need” whilst having had their valuable assistance in helping us sail through many an uncertain time.
Your consultant dedication to serve our company, as a client, reflects volumes of Prajna Advisors’ sincerity of service a profound availability for support and advice at any time of day; and that too, with a warm and embracing smile !
We are confident that Prajna Advisors with many invaluable members within their team of professionals, .will travel profitably far and wide as a Company.
Tengku Shahzuddin
Managing Director
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