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Our unique and proprietary WISE model that assists our clients to expand their income resources while reducing their cash out flow has won us numerous positive feedbacks from our clients. Through WISE network strategic partnership with others service providers enlightens our client’s experiences.
Hence, beside achieving financial independence, Prajna Advisors assist our clients to strike a balanced life through a whole person concept in areas like financial, family, career, health, mental and social.
In today fast moving complicated business environment, PRAJNA ADVISORS continue to uphold our key guiding philosophies, truth & honesty. Our corporate values i.e. Professional, Respect, Achievement, Joint effort, Noble and Active learning form the acronym to PRAJNA.
For our staff and employee, Prajna Advisors are able to identify talent and groom them to become our team business partners, after working with us for 2-3 years. Thus, Prajna Advisors pride ourselves by being able to transform people with desire to success, and BUILD BUSINESS for our loyal staff / employee.
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