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Why become a
Financial Services Consultant?
Our grandfather era (Agriculture age) , employment is the best way of making good living, especially bank officer, civil servant, clerical staff is considered as “golden rice bowl”.
Our father era (Industrialization age), professionals like accountants, architects, doctors, engineers, lawyers take all the limelight and highly regarded in the society.
This new era (information age), entrepreneurship is the key to ensure success in professional & person life.
"Now is the perfect time to start on your own business.
If you do it right you will be the leader in the future economy."
Dr. Charlotte Phelps – Economist Temple University
"In today world, working for yourself is actually the safer route,
and working for corporation has become riskier propositions."
Paul Zane Piltzer
The financial services industry, termed by many as the ˜sunrise' industry, witnessed the entry of many insurance agents, bankers, investment brokers over the past few years.
Financial Services is one of the National Key Economic Agenda (NKEA) that is going to propel Malaysia to become a high income society by 2020. Hence with the increase of personal wealth Financial Services Consultant are in high demand.

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